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Where it all started

Establish by Hylton Robinson 1965 In the south coast of Jamaica then re-established in 2000 by Earl Harriet in the south coast of Jamaica.

Earl Harriet

My father, Hylton Robinson, lived on the coast in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica. He often spoke about the benefits of Irish moss, Moringa, and many other types of vegetation on the island. My father always emphasised the benefits of Moringa because he had a Moringa tree outside his property. Today, scattered all over his area, there are many Moringa trees from which the local people glean.


My uncle, Mr. Earl Harriet, was a fine man. He also lived on the South Coast, and his speciality was the fermentation of fruits. He was very knowledgeable about the benefits of plants you could ferment. Sea moss wasn't a stranger to him, as he often spoke about the gel you can get once it's soaked and the minerals it provides.

My father would say that his dad would boil down the moss, add nutmeg, cinnamon, sweet milk, and sugar, and then add a couple teaspoons of moringa. He would take that once or twice a week.


I thought, "Wow, that's incredible!" But my dad said, "No son, everybody does that."

In 2011, I decided to investigate further. I went to work and started asking those who worked in Jamaica's nutritional labs what the right balance of moringa powder and sea moss would be. Eureka! I felt like Albert Einstein.

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